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CSoM NEWSLETTER … March 2019

Thank you for choosing the Colorado School of Music for music lessons! Now in our fourteenth year in Golden, we are committed to providing the best in private music lessons in Golden and the Denver area. Music lessons are available for all instruments, including guitar lessons, piano lessons, drums lessons, violin lessons, and more.

Colorado School of Music 2019 Recital coming in May!

Preparations are in full gear for this year’s recital!  The recital will take place on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, with performances at 12:00pm and 2:00pm. Last year, we had over 70 participants performing on piano, guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, and singing! We welcome students of all ages and ability levels. Admission is free, so bring as many family members as you’d like to support our young performers.  

Recital Registration Materials now available!

Students and Parents, if you’re interested in the recital but haven’t received your recital registration from your instructor, please pick one up from the front desk at the school or ask your instructor.  

Due Date for Recital Registration-

If you’re interested in performing in our Recital this year, please complete your registration form and return by May 1st, 2019.

Too Young For Music?

We often receive questions from parents regarding the appropriate/best age to start young children in formal music lessons. Of course, all children are different and there are always exceptions, but here are the general guidelines we use:

First, consider the instrument in relation to the age of the student. Piano lessons, Guitar lessons and Violin lessons are great choices for young children, as both violin and piano lessons have excellent curriculum for young beginners. Piano, in particular, provides a general overview of music theory and makes it easy to pick up other instruments as the student gets older. Some instruments can be difficult for beginners and aren’t as good for young children based on size, complexity, etc..       

Four years old is generally too young for formal lessons. Progress is very slow and it can be difficult to maintain the focus required for practicing. Four year old hands are also often too small.

We feel that six years old is generally the best age for young children to begin formal lessons. Many lesson books and methods are geared toward this age for beginners, and the progress made at this age is both faster than younger students and better learned, as lessons and concepts seem to ‘stick.’

Five year olds are in the middle – at this age, it seems to depend on the child. If motivated and interested, the progress with a five year old will be a bit slower, but nonetheless valuable. We’re always willing to try lessons with five year olds – please ask if you have more questions about beginners or you’d like to take an introductory lesson with your young musician. Parents/Guardians are welcome in all lessons!      

Please Leave a Message-

During the course of a week we field many phone calls from students and parents regarding lessons, scheduling and cancellations. During the afternoon, we often let the answering machine retrieve our messages so as not to disrupt class sessions. Please know that we are very conscientious about retrieving our missed calls and we always listen to our messages. We do not, however, make return calls for lesson cancellations unless requested. If you need to cancel for the week, please call 303-526-9865 and leave a message. Thank you! 

Never Too Old…music lessons for adults!

Music lessons are for the young at heart, not just the young. If you’ve been thinking of renewing your piano lessons or taking your guitar playing to the next level, try a private lesson with us! At the Colorado School of Music we are proud to have many adult students on our roster, studying all different disciplines. Our instructors are experienced with students of all ages, and will be happy to work with you to be sure that your lessons meet your individual needs. 

Adult music lessons are available for all instruments, including guitar lessons, piano lessons, drums lessons, violin lessons, and more.

Practice, practice, practice! We’ll see you next month!

Colorado School of Music

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