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Kelly Kerr


Kelly Kerr - Piano Instructor - Colorado School of Music in Golden, CO

Kelly Kerr is a songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and vocalist who grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She was accepted to Berklee College of Music with hopes of pursuing a degree in Music Therapy as well as Performance. Shortly after, she developed an itch to travel and see what the Colorado music scene may have to offer. She spent the next 2 years performing 7 days a week in Steamboat Springs. Gigs by night, and providing lessons by day. She learned that after being raised in a family full of musicians and music teachers -she too found deep meaning and joy in the sharing of song. She believes that to grow as a teacher, you must be able to grow as a listener first. New to Denver, Kelly is looking forward to sharing knowledge, moments, and inspiration with the students of the Colorado School of music.