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Lexi Nomikos

saxophone, clarinet, flute

Lexi Nomikos is a Jazz saxophonist and composer from the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies at Northern Illinois University, Lexi was an active member of the Chicago Jazz scene. While at NIU, she studied with notable Chicago Jazz saxophonist Geof Bradfield, and with Classical/New Music saxophonists Ryan Muncy and Jessica Maxfield. Also while attending NIU, she performed with an array of musicians such as Camille Thurman, Marquis Hill, and James Falzone playing Jazz, Classical, and New Music.

She has been teaching privately since 2012, and has worked for the NIU Summer Jazz Camp since 2016. She was also a saxophonist for the Wheaton and DeKalb Municipal Bands for 3 years, where she played Classical works written for wind ensembles. More recently, she was asked to assist the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts “She-Bop” Workshop, where young women interested in Jazz could learn, meet, and collaborate. Lexi is finishing her Masters Degree in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she is graduate assistant for the Jazz department.