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August Music Blog 2021

Performing as a Professional Musician

Dean Cutinelli here from the Colorado School of Music. Remember we are just a call away to start your private music lessons. We offer guitar lessonspiano lessons, drum lessons,Violin lessons, vocal lessons as well as orchestral instruments. Now on to our discussion on performing as a professional musician.

There are many different aspects that go into live performances as a professional musician.

First is knowing the material you will be playing inside and out. The more comfortable you are with the music you are performing, the more you can focus on your stage presence and interacting with the other musicians on the stage. Depending on how much time you’ll have to the learn the material can dictate how you might prepare for different gigs. If you know your going to have a few months and a handful of rehearsals for said gig I would recommend memorizing as much of the material as possible. Making sure any of the parts that you have had trouble with are rehearsed over and over. If you think you have the trouble parts down try playing them with a metronome. Some times counting a part is the best way to get it down. If your working on something technical don’t be afraid to slow it down and slowly work it back up to speed with the metronome. If you have accepted a gig and you are going to have limited time to learn the material I recommend charting out the material. You can get as detailed as you think you need. Make sure you make any specific notes on the charts that will help you perform the material. Make sure you include time signatures and keys signatures. Make sure you’re ready to take a solo if asked. If mistakes happen and they do to the best of us just keep playing and don’t dwell on it. Try not to make a funny face or look around to see if anyone noticed. There is a saying if you make a mistake make it sound and look like you ment it. Stay in the moment!

Now you have the material ready to go you have to consider your gear and anything that needs to have a backup available. If you perform with a string instrument always have replacement strings available. Bring extra cables if your set up requires them. Second you should also have a backup instrument. Yes bring a second guitar or keyboard or what ever your instrument maybe. Drummers make sure you have backup heads and an extra snare drum. If possible I would recommend drummers bring a backup bass drum pedal as well. If you’r using any kind of tube amplifier definitely bring a backup solid state amp. Tube amplifiers can be very finicky. Anything else that you use for your performance and is a necessity bring a backup. Availability is paramount!

Speaking of availability, having reliable transportation is also of the utmost importance. Keeping a can of fix a flat in your car is a good idea along with having a spare tire. Make sure you give yourself a time buffer just in case you get lost or have some kind of car trouble. Also make sure you have extra time to set up your gear. You never know when you might have to trouble shoot your rig.

Last is dress for success. Remember we are entertainers and performers. We should look and sound the part. The more you enjoy yourself on stage the more audience will enjoy the performance and there experience. Ok now let’s go break a leg!

Thank for reading.

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